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Quality Industrial Cleaning contractors in Waikato and BOP

We provide a wide range of industrial cleaning services

We provide a customised and competitive service to our clients in Waikato and BOP through combining long-standing experience in the industrial cleaning sector with our in house capabilities and experience across other sectors, such as road and site sweeping and vacuum loading. 

We strengthen our expertise by continuously building and investing in our equipment and workforce to ensure that we can offer our clients the most innovative and cost-effective environmental and industrial cleaning solutions in the market. 

By working together with our client, we use our collective knowledge to ensure contract outcomes are achieved in line with our clients’ needs and expectations. 
Sweeping a Waikato warehouse prior to power scrubbing

Sweeping services

Some typical sweeping services our cleaning contractors perform are:
  • Roadside kerb and channel
  • Site sweeps of factories, mills, ports and airports
  • Roads, access ways and car parks on commercial premises
  • Large warehouses 
  • Car park buildings 
  • Vacuuming up spills (wet or dry)
  • Recovery of sand, road metal chip, etc. at civil works sites
So for all sweeping tasks you can rely on Unicus to complete the job quickly and correctly.
A truck performing vacuum loading services

Vacuum loading services

Our vacuum loading services allow for practical removal of dusts, solids, sludge and liquids from confined spaces and pits without confined space entry. All our trucks in Waikato and BOP are equipped with emergency spill kits and our staff are trained spill recovery procedures.

Power Scrubbing Services

A truck performing vacuum loading services
Our cleaning contractors removing high dust and cleaning a warehouse in Waikato

Industrial cleaning

High Dust Removal - Unicus technicians use a variety of cleaning technologies to control and remove dust from warehouses, pack houses, factories and other large structures. We can get into any area using high lift mechanised equipment along with ladders and scaffolding. Throughout this process, our staff comply with HIANZ and OSH standards at all times. 

Power Scrubbing is a big job, but you don't need to worry anymore. Unicus has top-of-the-line industrial power scrubbing equipment, cleaning products, and experienced cleaning contractors to remove layers of oil, dirt and grime from your concrete floors. We are known throughout Waikato and BOP for our professional cleaning work.
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